The Time Is Now!


The Time Is Now!

So much has been happening lately and it’s been great! Just released my latest album, unveiled my website, creating t-shirts, and crafting a behind the scene video for the Wavemakers show in November. Things are on point and I’m feeling unstoppable.


This process has been such a learning experience for me. I’ve been writing music most of my life but I’ve never created anything this elaborate. It’s interesting how one aspect of the creative process inspires and guides the overall production. It’s almost a conversational process where I allow things to fall into place. Life inspires the music, the music inspires the visual, the visual inspires and distinct aesthetic which then again inspires the music. It really is a cyclical process and it’s really exciting when you see all these individual parts come together in creating one massive idea.


I want to thank everyone for all the support and all the encouragement. If you want to take a listen check it out here